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Online dummy ticket at just INR350/$5

We offer a real dummy ticket with a live PNR that can be verified via Manage My Booking or Manage My Trip on the airline website. It can be used... Read More

Hold ticket at just INR350 / $3

A hold ticket (also called flight reservation or flight itinerary) is a return flight reservation for visa application purposes. It’s called a hold ticket because, unlike with flight tickets, it... Read More

Visa ticket at just INR300 or $4

A visa ticket is a hold ticket that has not yet been issued. It held for some time. This time may be 48 hours to 28 days if you choose... Read More

Block ticket at jusr INR300/$4

Block Ticket is a hold ticket which is not paid. Block Ticket is also known as flight reservation or flight itinerary or dummy ticket. Block ticket comes with all details... Read More

Dummy ticket generator from online dummy ticket

There are several booking engines and travel agents that provide fake flight tickets with the help of a ticket generator. It's a dummy ticket that is not verifiable on the... Read More

What is a dummy ticket ?

A dummy ticket refers to a simulated or fake flight ticket that can be used for various purposes, such as visa applications, visa interviews, or proof of onward travel. It... Read More

Dummy ticket booking at just INR300

A dummy ticket booking is a flight booking that is not intended for actual travel. It is a simulated reservation that can be used to fulfill visa requirements, visa interviews,... Read More

Dummy tickets at just INR300/$4

A dummy ticket looks like a regular airline ticket with valid PNR/ booking code or booking reference number. They can be verified on the airlines websites if checked using the... Read More

Dummy ticket for schengen visa

Using a dummy ticket for Schengen visa application is possible. It's a valid and acceptable practice. A dummy ticket is a simulated or fake flight ticket that includes all relevant... Read More

Can I use dummy ticket for schengen visa?

It is possible to apply for a Schengen visa using a dummy ticket. It is a legitimate and accepted activity. A dummy ticket is a simulated or fictitious travel reservation... Read More