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Maybe you haven't made a SWOT analysis since your college days, or maybe you've never made a SWOT analysis at all. In any case, this analysis can very well support and provide direction to your online marketing strategy. A SWOT analysis is also called a strength-weakness analysis. This allows you to map out where the opportunities and risks lie for your company. This analysis looks at both internal factors over which you as an entrepreneur often have influence, but also at external factors over which you often have virtually no influence.

It seems so obvious, setting goals. But many entrepreneurs start working on their business or marketing without specifically putting down on paper what they want to achieve. Determine what your ultimate (long-term) goal is. What do you ultimately want to achieve with your company? Make this as concrete and measurable as possible! Use values ​​such as turnover in euros, growth percentages, number of customers, etc. And place these concrete goals on a timeline. So that it is clear within which period you want to achieve the goals and what you are working towards with the marketing strategy.

There are many entrepreneurs who want to reach “as many people as possible” or “anyone who wants to buy my product”. So try to make it clear who really needs or really wants to buy your product or service! Please put the following points on paper

Okay, you now know where the opportunities and risks lie within your organization and in your industry. You have determined what you would like to achieve and which (potential) customers you need to reach to achieve these goals. Then we move on to the part where you determine HOW you are going to achieve this. How do you want your customers to see your company? What do you stand for? What sets you apart? What makes you better than the competition? What do you want to radiate? How should customers and competitors feel about you