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Buy Soft APK24 is a digital platform where you can download ready-made digital software for your project/website at low prices. Ban Field Enable Extension?
If you are filling any online form and you have filled some wrong details in the form then you have to edit it but the value is not being removed/changed/backed then you have to remove the entered text with Ban Field Enable Extension . I can not do this. This restriction field enabled extension opens all disabled input boxes. The option which is to be selected but has been banned will have to be reopened. If you have filled any form, you have filled name, date of birth, address, mobile number, email ID, other details wrongly and you want to correct these details but are not able to correct them because that option is limited. That being said this means use the fill value, not delete/remove/revert/change. Then with the help of Ban Field Enable extension you can turn on/open/enable the usage