DNR: Do Not Resuscitate: A Novel

(1888PressRelease) This Provocative Thriller Based on Actual Events, Captures the Dramatic Legal, Emotional and Ethical Conundrum Surrounding One of the Greatest Controversies in Medical History.

BOSTON – DNR: Do Not Resuscitate: A Novel is a work of fiction based on conditions in large city hospitals as they existed in the 1970s and ’80s. During that period, patients who appeared brain-dead without any signs of recovery were left on mechanical ventilators and feeding tubes. They were treated to sustain life but at times lacked the dignity due to them as human beings. The American Medical Association’s code of medical ethics clearly states, “The ethical obligation to respect patient autonomy and self-determination requires that the physician respect decisions to refuse care.” But, a great conflict has arisen regarding the issue of not resuscitating patients who stop breathing independently or have no pulse.

The story also covers the widespread corruption in Boston during the 70s and 80s, through main character John West, the city’s fictional Commissioner of the Department of City Health Services. Despite being loved by the people of Boston during most of his time in office, toward the end, healthcare workers blamed him for a severe lack of funding – which was actually due to greedy and evil board members who overrode West’s decisions at the expense of patient care.

For more than 50 years, Author Geraldine M. McEachern was a registered nurse who personally witnessed and experienced the acute controversy. Her passion was providing her patients with attentive, compassionate care while spending quality time with them and developing personal connections that brought them comfort. For many years, she was a nurse manager in a Coronary Intensive Care Unit, an electrophysiology lab and a progressive care unit in a Level 1 trauma hospital. Prior to her retirement in January 2022, she served as Director of Case Management in a designated COVID-19 hospital.