Dr. Balakrishnan Heart Transplant Surgery India

India is one of the most sought-out destinations for heart transplant surgery among other popular destinations. With recent developments, India has significantly started providing the best facilities for the heart transplant patients with many hospitals started the Dr. Balakrishnan Heart Transplant Surgery India and have set up a program for the same. India now attracts tourists from all over the world to take advantage of competitively priced heart transplant surgery. The medical standards are high in India and clinics and bilingual staff are more often trained in the US, Australia or Europe. The lower prices combined with the favorable exchange rate means that heart transplant surgery is extremely competitive, allowing visitors to enjoy a wonderful package. Many people who seek heart transplant surgery will find that India has great facilities and much experience. Dr. KR Balakrishnan is an Indian cardiac surgeon credited for record number of heart transplants performed in India along with many other firsts in his field.