Emakku Thozhil Romance Teaser : Emakku Thozhil Romance Teaser release

The teaser of 'Emakku Thozhil Romance', a romantic comedy film directed by debutant Balaji Kesavan and starring Ashok Selvan and Avantika Mishra, has been released. Debut director Balaji Kesavan wrote and directed the film, 'Emakku Urayan Romance'. The film stars Urvashi, Alagam Perumal, Bhagavathy Perumal, MS Bhaskar, Vijay Varadaraj and Padava Gopi in supporting roles. The heroine of the film is Avantika Mishra, who has mainly worked in Telugu films.
He made his debut in Tamil with the film Enna Solla Pokirai and also acted in D Block. Niwas K. Prasanna has composed the music for 'Emakku Utya Romance'. It will feature cinematography by Ganesh Chandra and cinematography by Jerome Allen. M. Thirumal of D Creations is backing the film 'Emakku Uryyy Romance'.