Google Ads in Digital Marketing | Liveblack

Google is the first address we go to find the answer to every question. Google Ads in Digital Marketing is one of the great ways to promote the product. It helps in selling your product or services also it will help in raising awareness and increasing traffic to your website. Advertising with Google Ads will not increase leads but it can drive them to sales. To analyze the success of an online marketing campaign Click Through rate (CTR) is used in advertising. To improve CTR in Google ads Digital Marketing strategies which help: 1. Ad Extention 2. Keyword Optimization 3. Include Call to Action (CTA) 4. Test and experiments of Digital Advertising 5. Utilize smart bidding strategies 6. Image Optimization 7. Write Compelling ad copy 8. Mobile Friendly Google advertising 9. Improve your headline 10. Audience Targeting 11. Quality Score of Digital Ads.