How Can I Obtain a Passport for My Child After Separation?

Before obtaining approval for a child passport, the Passport Office requires the child’s parent and/or any other person with parental responsibility to provide written consent for the passport being issued. Therefore, the easiest way to obtain a passport is to receive consent from the other parent. However, this will not always be possible.

Child Passport on Special Circumstances
In circumstances where the other parent refuses to provide written consent or does not show any inclination of supporting the allocation of the passport, you can lodge an application form with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. This application should set out the reasons why you could not obtain consent, and, request the Department to consider the merits of providing approval to the passport application by taking into account the “special circumstances”.

These special circumstances may include: –

You were unable to contact the other parent for a reasonable period of time;
Whether there is a family violence order against the other parent; or
Whether the child passport is subject to a Child Welfare Order.
What if the Child Passport Application is Unsuccessful?
If you are unable to show that special circumstances are applicable to the situation or your request is unsuccessful for a different reason, you can make an application to the Court. This application will seek an order which permits the child passport to travel overseas. However, the Court will only make such an order in circumstances where it would be considered to be in the best interests of the child.