Promotional SMS Service for Business Marketing

A Transactional SMS is known as automated SMS message sent through API for Banks sector is best example of transactional messaging in action. They send one-time OTP to their user to clear the transactional or complete the purchase process. Basically, transactional SMS kind of OTP SMS or any kind of login update, reset password or one time verification messages comes under to transactional messages.

How transactional SMS is beneficial for user
Usually, transactional SMS like urgent or time specific SMS, and easy to ready by the user. According to VentureBeat, 90% Public read a text message within the first three minutes. Besides, transactional SMS open rate reaches 98%, according to Gartner, which is Practically more than email marketing.
It is the best medium and easy to use. On average, people spend about 3.5 hours a day on their smartphones. it helps to reach out to your audience. Transactional SMS assists people in various communication touchpoints with your brand. Using SMS, you will build a solid brand image. Mostly Transactional SMS used by Banking sector and E-commerce platform. Transactional SMS get deliver to all kind of SMS Network DND and NONDND. We can send transactional SMS in anytime within 24hours. Transactional is secured and spring edge provide 99% SMS Delivery with 4-5 Sec SMS delivery success time. Transactional SMS always uses for meaningful information.

Transactional SMS vs. Promotional SMS
• Promotional SMS use for marketing purpose and transactional text messages provide customers with helpful information.
• Promotional SMS can send and deliver to specific time hours between 9am-6pm, while transactional SMS needs to be set up only once and works automatically after that.
• Promotional SMS can be delivered only NON DND number and transactional SMS can be deliver on both type SMS network DND and NON DND.