Saamayan Movie Review: Screen review of Saamayan movie

Ramarajan is one of the famous actors in Tamil cinema world. After a long gap, Ramarajan has now acted in Samanian. With the film hitting theaters on (23.05.2024) to mixed reviews, let's see what the fans are saying about the film.Theme of the movie Chamanian:Directed by director Rakesh, the film stars many celebrities including Radharavi, MS Bhaskar, Bose Venkat, KS Ravikumar. Ilayaraja has composed the music for this film. The director has beautifully shown the consequences of common people getting angry after seeing the atrocities happening in the society.A bank is busy. The gang is planning to rob this bank. Then an ordinary man enters the bank and threatens the manager with a time bomb and guns. Everyone inside the bank is scared as Samanian takes control of the bank. The police have surrounded the bank to inform the police about this incident. Then the media also comes to know about this. What is the common man's demand to rescue the bank and its people. The story of the film is why Samanian took over the bank.