Sand Dunes Resort Jaisalmer, Best Resort In Jaisalmer

As the best sand dunes resort in Jaisalmer, Gulmohar Resort is supplying an unparalleled mixture of luxury, adventure, and cultural immersion. This is the best vacation spot encapsulating the timeless splendour and colourful traditions of Rajasthan, supplying guests with a virtually particular desert revel. At Gulmohar Resort, every detail of the lodging reflects a harmonious combination of traditional Rajasthani layout and modern-day comforts. Guests can pick out from a variety of alternatives, including opulent tents harking back to royal caravans, spacious villas, and elegant suites. Our accommodation is thoughtfully designed with wealthy textiles, handmade furnishings, and current facilities to make certain a cushy and noteworthy stay. The resort's tents, set towards the backdrop of rolling sand dunes, provide a distinctive enjoyment of the wasteland's tranquillity and splendour. Gulmohar Resort is an adventure via the rich flavours of Rajasthan. The hotel's eating place functions with a menu that includes neighbourhood Rajasthani specialities along with a whole lot of international dishes. Guests can enjoy traditional thalis, bursting with real spices and elements, or dine below the celebs with a special desert barbeque. We host themed nights and cultural dinners, in which guests can enjoy their meals at the same time as playing traditional track and dance performances. Gulmohar Resort is an adventurer's paradise. The resort offers a plethora of activities that permit visitors to discover the lovely landscapes of the Thar Desert. Additionally, the lodge organizes guided nature walks, fowl-watching excursions, and star-staring classes, offering a comprehensive wilderness experience.