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This simple example explains how search engines help businesses get found by local potential customers who are looking for the services the businesses offer.

But how does the search engine know which links to display when people search for things? That’s where SEO comes in. Search engine optimization describes the processes involved in helping a search engine (such as Google) to understand what your company website is about and what products or services you offer. When you execute good SEO for your business, the search engines index the content on your website and begin to display links to your website when people search for terms related to your niche.

This is an oversimplified description but it will do for the purpose of this article.

Why does your company need it?

You’ve probably figured out by now why SEO is important for your business. SEO, when done right, attracts many more potential customers (with a strong intention to buy) to you. This means more business for you and more money for the business.

How do you choose the right agency for it?

For most organizations, organizing a decent SEO effort might require too much work or expertise or time from them, and since the resources and expertise to properly do this may not be available, the next best thing to do is to outsource the SEO work to an entity called the SEO agency. An SEO agency is a specialized consultant agency that is able to provide search engine optimization services for a company over time, helping them to be more searchable on the internet, and positioning them as the solution to the problem that searchers are trying to solve.

There are a number of SEO agencies in Nigeria that provide this specialized service. But choosing the right agency requires a basic understanding of what to expect in terms of deliverables.