Social Media SEO Tips to Increase Search Rankings

Here are some handy tips that may help you get more from your social media pages

1. Audit your current social scenario
As yourself some questions as a marketer:

How many conversions are driven by your social media?
Is your social media delivering a reliable ROI?
Which channels are driving you towards the best results?
Measuring your ROI is one of the most important metrics that concern your social media efforts. When you have a clear hold on your ROI you can begin integrating SEO tricks into your social media activities. This will allow you to stretch your budget but also stick to your limits backed by some serious statistics.

2. Push SEO in SMO
Your business profile on social media platforms is more than just a business name or a marketing message. This is the starting point for all your SEO efforts and giving them a strong backing. Your social media profile is your first impression to your audience. It should be enticing for your customers so that they visit your website and make a purchase. When someone searches for your business on google where does your name appear? These points can help you develop your business profile on social media and meet user’s intent.

3. Optimize social images for SEO
Your profile on a social networking platform is all about images. Nothing speaks better than an image with information and some element that supports that information. Just adding these images will get you those likes and views on a social media platform. But did you know these images on social media can appear on the search by optimising them by adding alt text or filename?

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