Ever wondered when the earliest recording incidence of debt collection took place? Well, once in a century far, far away, the origins of debt collection began. In fact, the need to collect debt began before currency was even implemented as in the ancient system of bartering, payment for goods and services wasn’t always completed on time.

Earliest recording

You may be surprised to find out that the earliest recording of debt goes as far back as 3000BC and the civilisation of Sumer who lived in an area which is now modern-day Iraq.

Thankfully, the fate of this original debtor no longer occurs in modern times, as themselves, their family and servants became debt slaves, being forced to carry out physical work for the creditor until their debt was repaid. This started to take traction and became a method of dealing with those who didn’t pay up. Sometimes this debt could take years to repay, and the debt was handed down to the next generation!