To ensure the growth of the business, you need to know the right insights. The features of Tally Prime UAE are

GO TO–you can easily access any part of the Tally by searching in the “Go to” bar. This makes it easy for the users.
Single sign-in – Tally Prime UAE allows the user to access the different companies with the same credential. This optimizes the time and helps organize efficiently.
Optimize invoice – this feature helps the user to create more than one invoice for multiple items.
Chart of accounts – this option allows access to all masters including ledgers, cost center, and voucher.
Access anywhere at any time – Tally Prime UAE provides the ability to view reports in the comfort of your browser and assures the data is always safe.
Change mode – to navigate easily, the change mode gives three options as ‘item invoice’, ‘accounting invoice’, and ‘as invoice’.
Mark details as permanent – Tally prime UAE allows a permanent feature that helps the user to set to avoid go through unnecessary fields.
Switch user – Tally UAE provides ‘change user’ and ‘switch user’ option that makes the user give credential of different users.

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