Weaponizing Hate By Paul Shemella

American citizens have split into two political camps. For brevity, let’s call them Right and Left. The split began with the formation of modern political parties, but the “factionalism” feared by the founding fathers – and realized during the last three decades – has evolved into “militant” behavior on both sides. That behavior has now taken on a martial tone. We are in a “cold civil war”, with regular usage of firearms and explosives. What would it take to turn this into a hot civil war – where citizens are actually killing each other in mass quantities?

Not much, I’m afraid.

George Floyd’s murder at the hands of police officers and three weeks’ worth of Black Lives Matter protests. Largely peaceful street demonstrations have turned violent due to agitation from outside the BLM movement. There is evidence that both extreme leftist and extreme right-wing elements are behind the hijackings. What’s the difference? Leftists are protesting both the regular killing of unarmed black men by police, and the government they believe has failed to curtail it. The most extreme want to “defund” the police (whatever that means). The right wing is angry at the BLM demonstrators (conflating them with violent mobs), and at the government they say leaves them on the street. The right, in a reasonable call to protect the police, often chants “Blue Lives Matter”. What’s the score of this contest so far?

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