What is web design and development?

Web design is anything that has to do with the planning, creation, operation and maintenance of websites. Web development includes all activities involved in making a website work for its intended purpose, which includes web programming (server-side scripting languages), web design (client-side languages like HTML5 and CSS3), web content (multimedia). It also includes web server administration, web accessibility (making it work well for disabled users) and performance tuning.
Web design is the process of preparing and structuring content for websites. The term usually refers to both the act of designing websites and the act of designing website templates or "styles" to be reused over multiple websites. Web design can refer to both the design of a site's content and structure, as well as the graphical user interface.
Web development is often used in reference to website development or mobile app development. However, web development also includes web server administration, client-side/server-side programming, scripting language (e.g., PHP) and database management (e.g., MySql).
Web development takes into consideration the fact that web pages are accessed by different users with different browser applications, operating systems and screen readers. Development is also informed by search engine optimization efforts, to ensure that pages are tagged in ways that will be well-received both by human site visitors and Google searches.

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