What is WordPress and what does it do?

What is WordPress and what does it do?

WordPress is a word-processing application that hosts or "publishes" blog posts. WordPress was first released in 2003 and has since become the leading word-processor for bloggers online, with more than 60 million websites using it today.

WordPress word-processing application

WordPress is an online word processor that hosts blog posts, meaning WordPress first creates the content and then allows other users to access it online. The WordPress software includes tools for authors to edit their text, create links, embed media files such as photos or videos, and manage comments from readers.

It is free to download WordPress, set it up and use it as a word processor to create and write blog posts (the word "blog" for "weblog" is often used interchangeably with "website"). Blogs can be linked together in the back end of WordPress, meaning that all blogs can be compiled into one WordPress blog.

WordPress as a word processor has many of the same functions as word-processing/office software such as Microsoft word, allowing users to create documents from scratch or by copying them from a template.

Users can format text and page elements with buttons for making text bold or italicized, inserting bulleted lists or images, creating tables, changing text colour or inserting hyperlinks. WordPress word-processing software offers users access to different themes and templates for formatting the way their WordPress blog looks visually.

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