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Trade License Registration- Procedure

If a business is being planned to start in any form of a factory, shop, or any other kind of establishment, then the industry must obtain a Trade Licence from... Read More

PSARA License registration, Procedure

The main objective of a PSARA license is to ensure that there is a standard process that the security agencies will abide by, according to the regulation mentioned in the... Read More

RERA Registration Procedure and fees

The Government of India introduced the RERA Registration in 2016 to increase transparency in real estate dealings. This Act clarified the requirements of the buyers, sellers, and real estate agents.... Read More

Shop and Establishment Act Registration

Any business that is operating in India is required to apply for Shop and Establishment Act Registration. Each State has slightly different requirements, depending on where the company operates. The... Read More

CDSCO Cosmetic Import Registration

CDSCO is a premier government institution established under the Drug and Cosmetic Act 1948. It enforces rules to ensure the safety and efficacy of healthcare products such as drugs, medical... Read More

Compulsory Registration Scheme

The Compulsory Registration Scheme applies to notified electronic and IT products in India. Such products' production, sale, import, or trading is impossible without BIS approval. The scheme was the result... Read More

BEE Certificate applying procedure

BEE stands for Bureau of Energy Efficiency. It is a government agency that works under the aegis of the Ministry of Power. It aims to advocate the energy conversation and... Read More

EPR certificate for Plastic Waste

Plastic products play an indispensable role in our lives. From packaging to household items to gadgets, plastic products are everywhere, and their presence is rampant. Every year, India produces almost... Read More

EPR certificate for battery waste management

The irregular power supply and ever-rising production of rechargeable products have taken for demand for batteries to a new level. Today, batteries are used in a variety of products, including... Read More

Overview of EPR Authorization: Norms

India has grappled with the persistent issue of increasing plastic and electronic waste for years. The continuous disposal of such waste has led to irreversible damage to both the ecological... Read More