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India’s leading Wire Slings manufacturing company – Bharat Wire Ropes

Bharat wire ropes have a extensive range of wire slings and also provides customised slings as per requirement. Bharat wire ropes have an extensive range of steel wire rope slings.... Read More

Wire Rope Manufacturing Company India – Bharat Wire Ropes

Bharat wire ropes is a global supplier and distributor of wire ropes which has a wide presence in India. We provide our products to various industries like Gas and oil,... Read More

The fischer high-performance mortar FIS V Plus is the universal all-rounder for the highest requirements. The styrene-free vinyl ester hybrid mortar with its numerous fixing elements is approved for fixations... Read More

Industrial Storage Rack Manufacturers

MEX Storage Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Industrial Storage Rack Manufacturers. Our offered storage solutions are cost-efficient solutions to maximize the available space and space issues. Contact Details: Website: Call Us:... Read More

Bharat Wire Ropes Limited

Bharat Wire Ropes have a range comprises Wire Rope with Fibre Core, Wire, Rope with Steel Core, Single Rope Slings, Multi-leg Wire rope Slings and Boom Pendants. However, we also... Read More

We Design and manufacture of customized HEATING VENTILATION AND AIR CONDITIONING Systems, Precision Air Conditioning (Computer Server Rooms & CNC Machines) Exhaust Ventilation (Kitchen Ventilation) Clean Room Air Conditioning (for Defense, Pharma &... Read More

In single stage the lowest operating temperature -40 c to +200c, In two – stage cascade refrigeration systems , from -100c to +200c, with energy conservation being controlled by the variable... Read More

The ESKIMO range of chillers was designed for larger critical industrial processes and customized HVAC systems. The development of this expanded chiller range was focused on four important design criteria:... Read More

Multi Facility commodity cold storage systems , They are useful to prevent Annual losses (shrinkage) in marketing vegetables ( shipping, processing, storage and retailing) are caused, high temperatures during handling,... Read More

Cooling may be a heat rejection device that rejects waste heat to the atmosphere through the cooling of a water stream to a lower temperature. Cooling towers could either use... Read More