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The Vijay People's Movement has recently taken more interest in political events. Actor Vijay also consulted with various team executives from time to time and implemented many... Read More

The year 2024 marks a significant transformation in sofa trends. With over 32,000 job cuts reported in the tech industry, people are finding solace in crafting welcoming and cozy living... Read More

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Inquisitive Insights is where curiosity meets the written word! Our platform invites you to explore a rich tapestry of articles spanning various genres. Whether you’re interested in science, lifestyle, arts,... Read More

If you are happy, the future will find you. If you don't pass the exam it's no escape, but if you pass life it's a mistake. Inter-college competitions were held... Read More

Theri Hindi Remake of Vijay starrer Theri is being remade in Hindi with the name Baby John. Produced by Priya Atlee, the film stars Keerthy Suresh and Wamika KP in... Read More

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Media Star Production is a Dubai-based media organization that efficiently produces high-quality media coverage for various sectors, including private organizations and public/government spaces. The organization aims to elevate the bar... Read More

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